EndNote XII

I’ve been using Endnote since version 3.

The fact that Endnote XII downloads ALL the search results into my library is a major issue, which I am sure the people atThomson are now working to correct. 

Another issue is problems with integration with MS Word. With earlier versions, you could cut-and -paste your list of references anywhere in the text and the list of references would still remain active. Now, with Endnote XII, moving the references within a document by cut-and-pasting results in the inactivation of the references at the new location, and references will still appear at the end of the text upon refreshing the document. Anyone experiences someting similar? Any way around this problem, beside the obvious solution of moving pages of document after the EndNote-created reference page?

This is by far the worse upgrade. I have DOWNGRADED myself to version 9, which works much better.

I dislike the search results being send directly to my library as well. But Thomson seems to disagree. They believe that I am so silly that we need protection from citing from the search results. I find it manageable though.

One real pain is that I am not able to delete reference from any one group without deleting it from all the other groups including the main database. Whatever happened to “remove from group?” I believe that X2 has some serious problems even if they are deliberate.

Years ago if there was a bug in a program that we could not fix we documented it a called it an unsupported enhancement.

To remove a reference from a Group, right-click the reference and select “Cut”. This will remove the reference from the Group, but not from the library.

It would be much more helpful to call this command “Remove from Group”.

Thank you John, That is a great unsupported enhancement.:slight_smile: