CWYW - Citations get broken not carrying over to the bibliography

I had a strange and embarrasing situation where citations added in Word appear correctly in the text but were in fact broken and didn’t generate bibliography entries (screenshot jpg attached). The Temporary Citation links look correct with one oddity - I have my temporary citations preferences set to use a field (pages) instead of record number, yet these appeared with record numbers. I went through and re-inserted them and it worked fine, but very embarrasing - I got chided by the editor for carelessness, and I replied in indignation - this is not possible, a citation entered in EndNote must appear in the bibliography. But the editor of course was correct. Now I’m wondering how often this happens and whether I have to go back to manually checking off citations and references, just like in days of yore.

Has anyone else seen this and have ideas how it happens? By the time a manuscript get ready to submit to the publisher it’s had thousands of saves and edits from lead and co-authors, but usually a corrupted reference gives a REF error and is quite apparent. 

  Bepuzzled in Boise

Are you sure that there are “pages” (using the generic field that holds page numbers in the other record types) in that particular record?  If not, it will default to the record number.  Also there are times with similar citations, that endnote assumes two different citations are “duplicates” and combines them.  Try turning off the the preference to combine duplicate citations and see if that fixes the omission.  

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Yes, I think my choice to set temporary citations preferences to use the Pages field instead of record number is non-ideal, because not all records have Pages and I wonder if the field changes between record types. However, the default of using Record number doesn’t work if you’re trying to write a collaborative manuscript and different authors are inserting citations, since obviously the Record Number is different in each library. However, I gave up and insist on managing the citations and bibliography in jointly authored papers.  EndNote really doesn’t play well in a distributed OneDrive etc. environment, as you’ve noted elsewhere on this forum. I’m not sure the problem is entirely with EndNote’s structure, as the problem I see is each author builds their library differently which results in inconsistency. That’s an issue whether it’s EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley, or the rest.