CWYW Disappeared from Word 2011

I’m running  X6.0.2 with Word 2011 v14.3.4. All of a sudden Endnote has disappeared from my Tools menu. I’ve uninstalled Endnote a couple of times, reinstalled, applied all updates. I’ve run Customizer to make sure the CWYW components are installed. No go… Word is not in some unusual location. I’ve gone through Customizer and pointed it to the location of the Startup folder. Didn’t change a thing. Nothing shows up in the Tools Menu. 

I’ve manually copied and pasted the Endnote CWYW Word 2011.bundle file into the Word Startup folder. Still no go. If I look at Templates and Add-ins, I see that Endnote CWYW Commands.dotm and Endnote CWYW Word 2011.bundle are checked and loaded. No other add-ins are listed. 

I really can’t figure this out. I need to get Endnote back working. Any help would be appreciated. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try next? I can’t seem to get endnote to appear in the Tools submenu. 

Have you considered calling tech support?  

I’ve got a tech support request in but haven’t heard back. I was hoping that the collective wisdom of the power users here might have some insight. :smiley:

I always call them.  Takes too long by email.  I would help, but I am not a Mac user!  

Hello –

That sounds like a Word problem, actually – if the bundle and .dotm file are both checked and loading from the startup folder, that means it’s loaded and there’s no reason why Word should not be showing it.

When you click on the Tools menu, is the first item EndNote X6 or is it Spelling and Grammar? If you click on View>Toolbars, do you have an EndNote option there? What happens if you click it?

Lastly, click on Tools>Macro>Visual Basic Editor. Does this successfully open the editor, or does it give you an error?


I do not have an EndNote CWYW Word 2011.bundle, I have a 2008 bundle yet I have Office 2011.  It seems to be causing a lot of issues - I have X6 and the CWYW isn’t showing up in Word.

WHen I follow the instructions about moving the bundle into place, I cannot since I do not have the 2011 bundle.  Is that a download I can get or do I need to buy a whole new version?

Thank you.