CWYW doesn't format properly in Word 2007

I am trying to get my EndNote X.0.2 “Cite While You Write” feature to work with Word 2007 on Windows Vista. I have installed the Cite While You Write toolbar in Word 2007 and it now appears in the Add-Ins tab. However, when I insert a citation in a Word footnote it appears as, e.g., (Romano 2008) instead of giving the full citation. I am using Chicago 15th A.

I checked the EndNote X manual on “Instant Formatting”, and I suspect the problem is that my Smart Tag for the “Cite While You Write Citation Recognizer” is not available. It is not on the list in the AutoCorrect > Smart Tags tab. Any ideas about how I can install this Smart Tag, or otherwise fix this problem?

In Word, go to the EndNote tools and select the Format Bibliography command. Is it definitely showing Chicago 15A as the active style?

I had to change it back to Chicago 15th A, and that solved the problem. Many thanks!

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