I have had to uninstall EndNote from my computer.

I had errors in MSWord where a template was open and could not be closed - therefore I could not use MSWord. The template was one created by EndNote “” and I followed the directions listed at EndNote to resolve the problem. None of them worked and MSWord was corrupted enough that reinstalling Office did fix the error. It has also caused my MSOutlook to freeze up, too. I had to disable MSWord in Outlook.

I am now ready to purchase a different software for reference management and ask all the staff to uninstall EndNote – but, I cannot get MSWord to word even with a reinstall.

Can any one can anyone with EndNote reply to me about getting the corrupted files and repair the damage in my computer? EndNote tech support has not replied to my emails.

I am surprised you got no response from Tech Support, but I have better luck calling or using the website to contact them.  I think they need to help you. I suspect that there is something in the registry gumming up the works.