Duplication of references in word

I am working on an article in word and every time I press “update citations and bibliography” whilst using CWYW (Endnote 7) it creates a duplicate reference in the text, for example I am using numbered style, so it creates repeat bracketed references with numbers in it. e.g. “(1, 2, 3) (1, 2, 3)”. 

How do I stop this and get it to only update new references in the document?

Greetings Radiognostic,

The behavior you’re describing is usually attributable to corruption related to Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature.  If you happen to be using Track Changes in this document, I’d suggest walking through the following steps:

1.  Save a backup copy of your Word document.

2.  In Word, turn off Track Changes and perform an Accept All command related to accepting the currently tracked changes.

3.  Use EndNote’s Cite While You Write command called “Convert to Unformatted Citations”.

* After your document unformats, your in-text citations should revert to a bracketed format that would look something like {Smith, 2000 #24} and your formatted reference list should be temporarily removed from the end of your document.

4.  If you see the bracketed temporary citations appear in the body of your text, but your reference list still appears at the end of the document, manually delete the reference list by hand.

5.  If you still see the duplicate formatted citations trailing behind each temporary citation within the body of your text, take your time to remove the duplicate formatted in-text citations.

6.  Once you’re certain that no list appears at the end of your document and you’ve removed any duplicate formatted reference from the body of your text, save another copy of this document in order to lock in your progress.

7.  In EndNote, make sure you’ve opened the library you’ve used to insert your citations.

8.  Back in Word, use EndNote’s Cite While You Write command called “Update Citations and Bibliography”.

During the reformatting process, if you’re shown a Select Matching Reference window, visit the following knowledgebse article to learn of its purpose:


Once your document has been reformatted, try inserting another citation to see if you experience any further citation duplication.

Please let me know if this helps.  If you encounter any difficulties while walking through these steps, feel free to get in touch with our Technical Support team: http://endnote.com/support


Tedious but it works, Thanks !!

I can confirm that I had used word change tracker on another document before this happened.

Interesting that two instances happened so close together (mine was this morning).

Have added new citations and all is well.

Thanks again.

thanks for help all

Jimmy,  can you put this into the knowledgebase?  I think there is a version of it, but this is better and the other is too specific to things like jumping cursors, so people might not figure out that it solves many corruptions, in particular like duplicated fields.

P.S.  the correct link to the kb article is http://endnote.com/kb/81197