CWYW in Reference Manager 12 and Word 2007 - Cursor jumps to end of reference list


I’m working with Reference Manager 12 and Word 2007.  When I insert citations with CWYW, the cursor jumps down to the Reference section and stays there. 

I’ve been using Reference Manager and Word for years.  Until lately, the cursor has always stayed next to the citation(s) that I’m inserting (like it’s supposed to), rather than jumping down to the reference section.  This problem started after I had some work done on my computer and had to reinstall Reference Manager.

I’ve been unable to figure out how to fix this problem.  What’s the solution? 



If I recall correctly, this behavior was addressed in one of the three Reference Manager 12 updates.  To check for available updates, within Reference Manager, click “Help>Updates”.  After updating Reference Manager, the cursor may still temporarily flash to the end of the document while formatting but should return to the original location within your text by the end of the process. 

Please let me know if this helps.

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It does seem to help. Thanks!