CWYW only 21 styles available


I’ve been using Endnote plugin for almost 2 years and had a full list of styles.

Recently I’ve got a kind of update, and since that time I have only 21 styles available. How can I add more styles? I downloaded some .ens files, but  I’m using only a plugin for Word and I don’t have full Endnote software, and I’m not sure what should I do with this files. 

Thank you in advance for help!

Every time you log in to from an authorized IP address you receive a token that enables roaming access for twelve months. Once you go more than twelve months you would first notice the loss of styles.

You can access the web page and login to your account from a computer with an authorized IP address in order to reset your remote access for another twelve months.

You are tied to Michigan State University so you would need to log in on their campus or if you are no longer with Michigan State University and your new University has access to Web of Science then we can remove the connection to Michigan State University so that you can be connected to your new University.

Please let us know if you need to be linked to a new University.