CWYW plugin stops working after MS Word update (released today)

Dear Endnote Team

Today MS Word for Mac version 16.9 was released.

After the update MS Word does not recognize the Endnote Plugin anymore and deletes it from the toolbar. Re-installation via “customize” in the Endnote program does not work as MS Word is not detected by Endnote anymore.

Please provide a rapid solution.

With kind regards


You have the Office Insider release of Word 2016. Please see this article:

Hi, Jason, thanks for the fast reply.

No, I have the regular release, but it came out today.

So I guess it used to be the office insider release, but is the regular release now.

In essence, your plugin is incompatible with the new regular release.

Kind regards


Thank you for the update. Yes, I see that Microsoft did release the 16.9 version to the Production Track today:

I will follow up with our internal team and get back to you shortly.

Please see the updates in this article to address the new production release of Word 2016 version 16.9:

We should have an update for EndNote X8 shortly to address this update from Microsoft.

So I take that no update is planned for endNote X7? :angry:

Seriously Thomson?

OTOH, I understand why you won’t bother. Who in his right mind would upgrade, if not because the older one has broken after an OS or Office update?

Nice strategy here.

Well downgrade to Word 15.xx as per your link does the trick. Thanks you


The link to downgrade to Word 15.xx does the trick. thank you Simon

When do you anticipate a fix for this issue?  Days or weeks?  How will I know there is a fix?

Sorry for all the questions, I’m just working on an important document using Endnote.

Thank you!

Yes, would like to know the ETA for the new CWYW plugin. Hopefully it’s a matter of days, and not weeks.

I also have this problem! Please can you let me know. I can’t be without Endnote.

You can still continue to use your EndNote software. If you need to immediately use the Cite While You Write tools with Word 2016, you can simply downgrade your Word installation as outlined here:

When you start EndNote X8, it automatically checks for updates. When our update to address the Word 2016 16.9 update release is available, you will receive notification in the software. You can also manually check for updates by clicking the EndNote menu and selecting Check for Updates.

I just tried accessing the link, but it requires a login/register to Salesforce.  However, that link does not work. 


Thanks for your support. I’m also currently dealing with this issue. Are you planing on releasing a working update for endnote X7 as well?


this is fine for X8 users. But what about x7 users. You did not answer to previous questions about endnote x7. when do you wanna finx the bug for the x7 users?? 

btw: the link does not work…

I am also having this issue. I downgraded Office to the last version, but now my Outlook with not function because the databases are not complatible. This is really frustrating. 

The link to the beta is behind a SalesForce login that is not publicly availble. PLEASE either push the update or share a link to the beta that is actually availble.

The link provided is locked behind a SalesForce login. Please either publicly share the fix or push the update. Downgrading Office works, but is not a viable solution because the update Outlook database files are incompatible. So either I can downgrade and use the old version of Word with a working Endnote and not be able to use Outlook (primary email) or update and not use Endnote.

This happened last year as well with an Office 365 update and it took months to fix. Please address it promptly this time! 


I am also writing my PhD-thesis with EN X7 & Word 2016 (mac).

I want to echo what others have already highlighted:

It is important that there will also be a patch for the tens od thousands of people, who still use EndnoteX7 with Word2016 (mac) 16.xx.

Please make this happen asap!

All the best, 


The link got damaged during the editing process. It has now been fixed:

Downgrading to Word 15.xx also works by simply replacing the 16.xx in Applications folder with the old 15.xx version from TimeMachine o another backup. This also allows to use Outlook 16.xx alongside.

Please answer the question about EndNote 7. Will it also be updated with a Word 16.xx compatible plugin?