Decreasing bilbiography numbers possible?

Hi all,

we want to publish our bibliography on our website (sorted by date of appearance - newest on top). I now do have the problem that we want our bibliography to be numbered in a way that the oldest publication is number 1. So number one would be at the bottom and for example number 150 at the top. I could not get endnote to do the numbering using “bibliography number” this way round.

Is this possible?



How are you sorting now?  just by year - or by some specialized field?   

If it were me, for this specialized situration, I would let Endnote sort them 1 - 150 and then remove field codes and ask Word to sort the paragraphs in the reverse order. 

Another option would be to make a custom field and manually enter the number you want the reference to have and then reverse sort on that field.  -but that seems like more trouble than it is worth, unless you are somehow forcing the order by a custom field (number) already. 

The idea to let word sort the rows is great, thank you :slight_smile: