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Is there any way to have a field contain default text?  I am using the Label field to differentiate between primary and secondary sources.  Currently, I put a “2” for secondary sources and a “1” for primary sources.  Considering I often import multiple references at a time, it would save a lot of time if the field could just default to “2” since the majority of resources that I import are secondary.  

Example, I just imported 63 references, moved them all to a separate group and then had to use change fields to put a “2” in all the label fields.  Would be so helpful if it just populated itself, especially since I sometimes forget to manually change the field when importing a few references at a time, only to pull my hair out when I realize my bib is a mess!


Don’t thnk EndNote currently has the capability to set defaults such as you’ve described - might be somethng to submit as a Product Suggestion for future software version.

If you’re importing (i.e., using an import filter with a text-based data file), have you thought about changing the data file prior to importing?  This procedure would entail replacing one of the existing unneeded tags in the data file to accommodate the primary/secondary source (1 or 2) by using MS Word’s search-and-replace feature. (Or you could use insert a new tag instead.)

Once the coding is performed in the text file itself, then it’s just a matter of  re-saving the file (as a text file), then importing the file (using the import filter) into EndNote.  This method enables bypassing the two steps you’ve described  of moving the references  into groups then using the Change Case feature.

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Thanks, I didn’t think I could have a default field.  I could use search and replace or even add - it is a viable solution, but it is just as time consuming, if not more so, as my current solution to group imports and then change fields, especially since my imports are usually single RIS files, or citation files, and not one big file.  When I said I imported 60-something citations, i really did as 60-something separate files, so to open and change each would turn me fully gray quite fast!  

Sorry there aren’t better options for you given the need to pre-categorize the references.  You didn’t mention which database you’re searching but most generally allow saving preferred citations to a separate folder - this would allow saving “1”  references together but would also necessitate conducting a second sweep to locate the “2” references. Not a pleasant option.

So it comes down to which is the less disruptive method and if what you’re doing works, then that’s the right solution.

Various databases… sometimes i just go along and download citations as i read…because it isn’t just one database, i can’t always keep them in one file.  Maybe I’ll see if I can get it in the applescript i use to import them - that would be most convenient.  

thanks :smiley: