Default inserting citations (specific citation style) to word

Hi Endnote Community, 

I am planning to publish an article and have to use a specific style in that context. As I wanted to edit my pre-existent manuscript with the required style, Endnote X9 does insert the author and year (as required), but it also inserts some #number & then there’s a default message saying that the area cannot be edited. This leads to the fact that I cannot change the citation and also cannot insert a Bibliography. 

I downloaded the Policy Press - Bristol University Press style via the following link:

from this website:

I already checked if there was something wrong with the integration, as I’m working on a Mac, but the downloaded file is saved in the programmes//Endnote//styles and it is adequately added to the style manager.

It seems like the translation to word is not working proberly, this is with “int text citation” as well as inserting it through the endnote X9 - Library, as it seems like it is not recognizing the added style properly. With other styles endnote works perfectly fine. 

Has anybody ever had such a problem like that and is willing to help my out? I really do not know what else I could change, in order to make it work. 

Thanks in advance & have a nice day!


The Instant Formatting setting appears to have gotten turned off in the document. Please see the following KB article.…

If you continue to have trouble with the document then please contact Technical Support directly:

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1