Full study name being inserted in-text


Endnote was working very well for me as I inserted citations and built my references list, but in the midst of sending documents back-and-forth with a colleague for editing, my Endnote is now inserting the first author, year, and full study name in the in-text citations. It is an apa formatted paper. Additionally, newly inserted in-text citations are no longer being added to the reference list. I have tried several different styles, but each options yields the same in-text citation format. I only need the author/s and year. I am working in Microsoft Word 2010. 

Greetings clarez,

It sounds like you’re working with EndNote online’s Cite While You Write commands and Instant Formatting has been disabled within this particular Word document.  To verify and resolve:

1.  Save a backup of this particular Word document, just in case.

2.  In Word, press the keyboard shortcut of “Alt” + “3” - a window called “EndNote Configure Bibliography” should appear.

3.  On the EndNote Configure Bibliography window, click on the “Instant Formatting” tab.

4.  Click the “Turn On” button found on the mentioned Instant Formatting tab.

5.  Press “OK” at the bottom of this window.

Toggling this setting should format any existing temporary citation containing Author, Year, and Title information.  Going foward, any newly-inserted citation should automatically format and appear within the bibliography at the end of your text.

Please let me know if this helps.

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where are you changing your output style, in Word or in Endnote program?   (has to be in Word).  

Are you sure it is saving the document to a Word extenstion (.doc, .docx etc) and not to .odt or some other non-word format?