Deleted files. Help please!

Hello guys. I am a recent user of End Notes and by mistake erased many references of a file I was working with (yes, I pressed delete all by mistake thinking that I was working on another window). Is  there is a way to recuperate these files (weeks of work)???

I have not closed my computer since yesterday and have not done anything else with it.

Thanks in advance for your answer.


Exactly what files have you deleted?  The ENL file, the word document, what? 

What operating system.  On a network or desktop,


I deleted references from one of my enl file while working on my laptop (not online). I have a Dell with windows vista (32-bit).

Let me know if you need more info.


If you didn’t say okay when you closed Endnote, they should still be in the trash group? 

Did you use the references in a word document?  If so you can recover them from the document’s traveling library.

No, I was not using word. I was just getting first all the references. Where should I look for the trash group? Is this in my recycle bin (computer) or is it another trash file?

Thanks again.


I recovered it!!!