Diacritics in references

I have a student writing a Phd on Latvian architecture and many of her references are in the Latvian language (500+ references). When she imports references into her EndNote library from remote databases the diacritics and special characters don’t come across correctly. I can see two ways of fixing up the characters - 1. use the Word character map to copy and paste corrections 2. Create a term list of Latvian words. Both are rather tedious considering the large number of references. Is there any other way? Judy

What s the language setting for your student’s computer?  Endnote may be unable to recognize the Latvia diacritical marks if the computer language is set for English.  If your student uses Windows, he/she will be able to change the language setting or add language files through the Regional and Language Options found through the control panel.  If it’s a Mac, try installing the Central European items.  

Also, what version of Endnote is your student using and is she downloading or importing the Latvian references using the Unicode setting?  Unicode preserves characters and marks but think it was available from version 9 forward. Other Endnote tools that could be helpful in cleaning up text and markings  include “Change Text” and term lists.

Thanks for this. I’ve also seen some other messages about editing connection files and editing the display fonts in EndNote preferences which might help.