Critical error - Citing in footnote crashes Word 2008 (CWYW, Mac)


Word 2008 (12.1.1)

Endnote X1 (patched).

Citing in Word 2008 has been functioning without fault on my system. However, when I attempted to insert a reference in a footnote, Word 2008 crashed. I reopened the same doc (19 pages, docx format, 30-40 unique references), repeated the operation, and Word crashed again. Bug is not reproducible in a fresh document, inserting the same reference.

I am also seeing the same issue. Citing in footnote is crashing Word 2008. This is reproducable every time I attempt it. Critical error indeed, how can I cite in footnotes?

I had this problem; perhaps you’ve solved it by now, but just in case, this worked for me.  I copied the document , then opened a new blank document, then used “paste special” under the “edit” menu to paste it as unformatted text.  I then reformatted the document.  After doing that, footnotes didn’t crash Word.

MacBook Pro 2.4 Ghz

OS X 10.5.4

MS Word 2008 12.1.2 

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I am having the same experience, with Endnote X2, MS Word 2008 (up-to-date w/patches) and OSX 10.5.4.

I should point out that I also experienced the same problem when using Endnote X1 with the same configuration — Word 2008 crashed every time I tried to make a footnote. So it could either be a problem inherent to Word 2008, or something that’s carried over from X1 to X2.

I was hoping X2 might fix the problem… no luck!

Back to Word 2004 + X1 for me.

It would be very helpful if someone could send me [email these directly to me] a sample library and Word document that is exhibiting this crashing problem - along with the crash log file and detailed steps on how to reproduce the crash.

Clearly, this is something we would like to try to address in the upcoming X2.01 patch but we need more details. Personally, I can not seem to reproduce this bug nor did it come up with any of our beta testers during the development of EndNote X2 for the Macintosh.

If anyone can spare a few minutes to send in more details, this could be a huge help.


Jason Rollins, EndNote Product Development

Thanks Jason!

I’ve sent you my crash-log by email.

I appreciate your prompt attention.

Here are a few additional questions for anyone experiencing this crash:

  • Do you have any other Word plug-ins installed on your machine? If yes, what are these?

 - Are you using Word 2008 and Word 2004 at the same time? Have you ever had both of these open at the same time and then used any of the EndNote X2 CWYW functions?

  • Does the crash only occur when specific records are cited?

  • Does the crash only occur with certain Word documents?

  • Does the crash only occur when certain Bibliographic Output Styles are used?

Please post comments here or feel free to contact me directly.

Jason Rollins

Thanks to everyone who has sent in information to help us track down this bug.

As we are looking into it, a temporary work around that seems to avoid the crash is to simply disable Word’s autoformatting of hyperlinks.

The relevant option can be disabled by going to Word’s - Word:Preferences:AutoCorrect:AutoFormat “as You Type” dialog and unchecking “Internet and network paths with hyperlinks”.

Jason Rollins, EndNote Product Development

I really appreciate the suggestions here.  It solved, temporarily, my problem.  I hope the bug is fixed soon.



This bug was fixed in EndNote X2.01 for Macintosh. This free patch is available for all EndNote X2 customers.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team


I have X2.01(bld 3889) installed and when I reactivated my autotext, I had the crash again when I tried to add a note in the footnotes.  If it helps, I have the text of the error report, but I can’t paste it here because it exceeds the 20,000 character limit.  I will continue to work without the autotext feature unless you have another suggestion.



Jason, I also am still having crashing in footnotes with X2 build 3889. I have emailed you more info.

I am successfully able to work around the issue by turning off autoformatting of hyperlinks as you recommended earlier.

This is Word 12.1.1 080522.

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Thanks, Patl, for adding to the conversation.  I wanted to clarify the version of Word with which I am working:

Word 12.1.3 (080930)

I, too, am experiencing word crashes.  I have updated EndNote to X2.0.1, using Mac OS 10.4.11, MS Word 11.3.5 and cannot use CWYW without Word crashing completely.  I do not (and have never) had the hyperlink option checked.  Is there any further fix for this??

Thank you.


The instructions to fix this issue are here - -

Mac OS X:
Download the Mac OS X Patcher file. You will find the update in the Download folder. Open the “EndNoteX2.0.1 Patch Installer” folder. Double-click on the “EndNote X2.0.1 Patcher” file and follow the prompts.

Next, replace the Mac EndNote X2 Cite While You Write (CWYW) tools with the new X2.0.1 CWYW tools:

   1. Close EndNote X2.
   2. Open your hard drive in the Finder and go to the Applications:EndNote X2 folder.
   3. Delete the “Cite While You Write” folder.
   4. Download the Cite While You Write folder. Unzip the new “Cite While You Write” folder and place it in the Applications:EndNote X2 folder.
   5. Open EndNote, and go to the EndNote menu.
   6. Select “Customizer” from the EndNote menu.
   7. Check the box in front of the “Cite While You Write” option.
   8. Click next until the Customizer is finished.
   9. Open a library.
  10. Open Word and check the Tools menu for the EndNote submenu.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

I actually have already performed all of the patches and updates but the crashing hasn’t gone away.

For Word 2008 users, after running the X2.01 Patcher, I highly recommend manually dragging-and-dropping the “EndNote CYWY Word 2008.bundle” from the EndNote X2 > CWYW folder into the Word Startup folder - overwriting any other existing EndNote CWYW tools.

Running the X2.01 Patcher on its own will not necessarily automatically update the CWYW tools in the Word Startup folder.

Based on all of our tests, this should solve the footnotes crashing issue.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Yes, I’ve replaced the CWYW folder more than once after the software upgrade was performed (and I’ve done it again just now) and still the crashing happens. (I’m using Word 2004; the CWYW bundle had a copy in the Word startup folder that I just replaced with the original.  That, too, did not help the crashing.)



Ok - this thread is really specifically about Word 2008 - not Word 2004 - they are very different.

For Word 2004-specific issues, here are some comments/questions:

“replace the Mac EndNote X2 Cite While You Write (CWYW) tools with the new X2.0.1 CSCW tools:”

   1. Close EndNote X2.
   2. Open your hard drive in the Finder and go to the Applications:EndNote X2 folder.
   3. Delete the “Cite While You Write” folder.
   4. Download the Cite While You Write folder. Unzip the new “Cite While You Write” folder and place it in the Applications:EndNote X2 folder.

We have not seen any cases where these steps do not fix the crashing problem.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Sorry to have poked my way into the wrong thread, but yes, this is what I’ve done (and did again this morning), but Word is still crashing.  I have upgraded Endnote with the patch and replaced the CWYW folder, many times. (I tried to check the bundle on the off-chance that might have worked, though clearly it didn’t)  I am using an Intel Mac (1st gen PowerBook), using OS 10.4.11, running Word 11.3.5 (2004).