Question Regarding Large and Small Capitals (EndNote X3, Word 2007)

Hello.  I am new to EndNote and I am using it to create a law review article (with the Bluebook Law Review style in EndNote X3).  Per the Bluebook requirements, I am using Footnotes with Large and Small Capitals typeface. 

I could not figure out how to do this (the Large and Small Capitals typeface) by modifying the Bluebook Law Review style provided by Endnote or by constructing my own Output Style in EndNote.  Therefore, I manually made the changes, where needed, by using the font specification in EndNote.  More specifically, I changed the “small caps” letters from the EndNote default of “Plain Size” to the “Smaller” font size in the drop-down menu.  While the change in size was not significant, it was detectable.  As such, it seems like everything is working fine while I am within EndNote.   

However, when I cite (using Footnotes, per Bluebook style) to Word, everything transfers correctly except for the “Large and Small Capitals” that I manually changed.  In particular, I receive the exact opposite output in Word - the letters that I highlighted and selected “Smaller” font size for in EndNote appear (both within the Word text and within the Edit Citations menu when I click on it through the Word EndNote ribbon) larger than do those that I left as “Plain Size” font! 

Please note that I tried converting to Plain Text within Word, but this did not change anything.  In case it helps in diagnosing my problem, I have set all references as “Journal Articles” within EndNote and I converted the Footnote text in Word to Times New Roman 10 via the EndNote arrow menu.  BTW:  large and small capital typeface involves typing say a particular word in all capital letters with say a 10 point font, and then making all but the first letter “smaller” than the first letter (while still keeping them capitalized).

Obviously, I could change everything in EndNote back to “Plain Size” font and then manualy make the changes in Word.  However, this would end up increasing my workload by 300% relative to what it would have been if I had done this initially.  Moreover, I expect that other users have sought to work with the “Smaller” (or analagously the “Larger”) text features in EndNote, so I would like to take advantage of any shared knowledge available in this forum. 

Any assistance that you could give me would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance for your help.


Since the Bluebook style uses small caps for author names, can you clarify’provide an example (and what version of EndNote/word processing program you’re using) as to why it’s not meeting your needs? 

In looking at the Bluebook style it seems that “Small Caps” is the default setting designated for “Author Name”.  (Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT BLUEBOOK-LAW REVIEW.  In the pop-up Bluebook-Law Review window, in the left column locate “Footnotes” near the bottom then click “Author Name”.)  So it seems the setting should be sufficient without having to resort to the font manipulations you’ve described.  MS Word (2007) automatically adjusts font size when using the References, Insert Footnote command while maintaining the Bluebook capitalization setting. 

Maybe there’s something I’m not getting so could you explain further?

I appreciate your willingness to help.  However, I am confused by your response.  I apologize for not explaining my original question clearly, but I am not sure how to express the issue less opaquely.  I hope to hear from technical support soon.


Please paste in the output you are wanting?  The way the “small caps” font application works, is to convert A. Balmain to A. BALMAIN  without any further manipulation. It is important to remember that to get it to work properly, your author names need to be in upper and lower case font to begin with in your records. 

Isn’t that what you want? 

Let me try to explain this a little better.

When I insert a citation into a footnote in Word 2007, the large and small capitals appearance that I manually created in EndNote (via the “smaller text” font function) is disrupted.  In fact, it does the exact opposite of what I wanted it to do – it makes the letters that I designated as “smaller text” larger than those that I did not adjust. 

To be clear, all of the letters in the words are capitalized.  I just want some of the letters (entire words such as “and,” “or,” etc. and all but the first letter in the other words) to be smaller than the others.  In other words, I am trying to get EndNote to do what the <ctrl + shift + k> function does in Word, when you start with words that are not capitalized.

Let’s say we have the title, “Insider Trading and the Stock Market.”

I want it to appear as follows:  INSIDER TRADING AND THE STOCK MARKET

However, as noted above, I get the following:  INSIDER TRADING AND THE STOCK MARKET

What is even more odd is that when I copy this incorrect text and paste it into another document (even another Word file), all of the formatting completely disappers, leaving me with all regularly-sized capital letters, like:  INSIDER TRADING AND THE STOCK MARKET.

I apologize again for not being able to explain my problem more clearly.  Any help that you could give me would be much appreciated.  Thanks.

Thanks for the clarification.  A couple of things come to mind:

  1. Font size. Instead of using the “smaller font” option, change the font size by using the pt  options available in the pull-down menu (e.g., “10”, “9”).  (This adjustment may also address the loss of the smaller font size in the title.)

  2. Title. It’s odd that you’re getting the mixed-capitlization.  Would suggest you: 1) re-check the title entry in the EndNote reference type is displayed correctly and, 2) that the style listed in the MS Word “EndNote” tab is the same as what is designated within the EndNote program.

Decided to actually try to get what you wanted Stephen, instead of just blindly assuming that font choices were there in the editing template options.  – :cry:  and you are absolutely correct. --They aren’t!

 While you do have the ability, in the author settings to adjust the Author to Small Caps, you can’t apply that font formating to the title or other fields in current versions of Endnote.  

I haven’t tried doing what you are trying to get around this glitch, and can’t explain exactly how Endnote and word are trying to interpret your font sizes, but hopefully CrazyG’s advice may help sort it out for you?

For now, I apologize for giving advice that I didn’t take the time to actually try to implement.  :dizzy_face:

I usually ask questions, not answer them, but I got curious about this and downloaded the Blue Book-Law Review style from the website. (I just KNEW it had to be easier than the description the user gave!)

The small caps feature actually is built in to the style (NOT template), and appears to apply only to the author name. Here’s where I found it: open  the style for editing. In the left-hand pane click on Footnotes, Author Name. Small caps is one of the capitalization options in Name format.

So all the editing of author fields in your library should be undone and returned to plain text, normal upper and lower case. (I’m hoping for your sake that  the Plain Font “P” button on the EndNote record menu will do this.) This style should work fine just the way it is, and it does work for me. (EndNote X2, Word 2007). It is a footnoted style; first you insert a Word footnote and then insert the citation in the footnote. It inserts the complete reference in the footnote and also in a separate bibliography at the end.


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