X7: Capitalization when there are references with titles in different languages

In my library many references have been downloaded from PubMed or other providers, and therefore the capitalization in the titles corresponds to that of the original database from which the data have been downloaded. Most of the journals wher I publish generally use sentence style capitalization for their references list. I know that this can be achieved by selecting “Sentence style capitalization” under “Bibliography” -> “Title capitalization” in the output style editor. This leads to acceptable results in the majority of cases when the language of the title is English, but I often cite references whose titles are in other languages, e.g., in German where nouns always start with a capital letter and something like headline capitalization does not exist. In these cases, choosing “Sentence style capitalization” leads to incorrect output.

Is there a way of restricting sentence or headline style capitalization to English-language references only?

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Not that I can think of.  Not without doing some fancy shenigans with alternative ref types styles and perhaps even custom fields, even then, it isnt’ obvious to me how you might do this.  Sounds like a developer requestion for the suggestion forum. It has been discussed before (since 2010) and a request  in suggestions has already been made but it is worth adding your voice there.  http://community.thomsonreuters.com/t5/EndNote-Product-Suggestions/Different-title-capitalizations-for-different-languages-in-one/m-p/125293#M11581  -

You could choose Leave Titles as Entered under title capitalization. You would need to edit the titles of all of your references for this to work, Deutsch oder Englisch.