Different title capitalizations for different languages in one output style

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as discussed in the How-to section* for at least seven (sic) years now, a solution for title capitalization in different languages is required. Reason: In German and other languages, titles are never capitalized, but contain capitalized and non-capitalized words just as normal sentences do. I often use multi-language references, and if I apply a capitalization style, it looks as if I had no idea about the basics of my own language.

This would do the job:

Implement a marker, radio button etc. that keeps EndNote from capitalizing certain titles.



* Sorry, the web interface doesn’t let me post the address - strange…

Here it is posted as code:


I would like to strongly support Marc’s feature request for allowing different title capitalizations depending on the language of the reference. A check box in the reference window for requesting ‘Leave title capitalization as is’ would certainly do, or perhaps one could also use the setting in the ‘Language’ field (and configure somewhere else in the settings which language titles EndfNote should leave unchanged).

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Again, 7 years later: Is there now a solution to this problem? I would really appreciate it.