Direct Export

Has anyone had problems using Direct Export with Endnote X4 in Windows 7. I am being asked to select a Reference Manager Database when I click on the Export button. I have been trying this with Web of Science and Business Source Premier databases. It seems to want to go to Reference Manager for some reason when I only have Endnote X4 on my machine.

fyi - I’m running X4 with Windows 7 Professional (64-bit). I accessed Business Source Premier (via EBSCOhost and Internet Explorer 8) and successfully performed a  direct export (see image) by selecting the “Direct Export to EndNote, Procite, CITVAVI, or Reference Manager” option. 

You don’t tell us what browser you are using.  there is some advice is here  regarding Chromeand here   or  here on the location of settings in other browsers.  In my experience trying with a different browser often gives you options that have become default in the first browser and lets you circumvent a problem in downloading/exporting.