Direct export from ISI Web of Science to ProCite 5 not working

Direct export from ISI Web of Science to my Procite database is not working. I have re-installed the Procite software and the RIS export helper, but to no avail. Direct export from other databases such as OVID, is working. I have found a workaround, by saving as a text file and importing using the ISI-CE config file, but I would prefer to use direct export. Any suggestions please.

Thank you


Dear VT,

I have no problems downloading from ISI Web of Science to ProCite. I always collect the interesting records in a marked list and import this list.

Good luck!


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If you’re connecting through a vpn or an account from a library you may have another layer of data going through between computers and messes the connection.  The work around you have is probably the best option unless the ISI Web of Science account holder has another option available.

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