Display text only when a field is empty

Hi all,

I am creating a bibliography template for internal reports, and I wonder if there is any way to display a string of text in the citation if a particular field is empty.

For example, if the report was written for Client x, which is entered in the “Client” field I would like the citation to read “Report to Client x.” If the “Client” field is blank, then I would like it to display “Unpublished report.” I have managed the first bit, ie linking “Report to” to “Client”, and to only display when there is an entry in the “Client” field, but can’t get the alternative text to work.

I hope this makes sense and thanks for any suggestions.


The easiest way I could think of, would be to create a second custom field that you fill manually (to achieve this retropectively, sort on the Client field, hide any references with text in that field - leaving those where the client field is empty showing- globally [tools>Change and Move Fields] edit those left showing to contain the text “unpublished report” in the custom field), and then to to include that in your output style.  |Report to Client {client field name}| {field with “unpublished report”}|. 

Obviously you then need to delete info from the other custom field,  when the unpublished report becomes a client report (if that happens very often)?