Displaying a cronological reference number on the user interface ie. right hand pane of EndNote

How can one display a chronological reference number in the right hand pane of Endnote?

It would be very useful to have a reference number to be displayed, no matter how one sorts the library.

Has anyone managed to do this?

I got a response as below from Thomson:

Using the API, you could create a plug-in that numbers the references to match the documents you’ve established in a custom field and display that field where appropriate.

Surely, it would be an enhanced feature and be very useful to manage the bibliographies and easy for reviewers/researchers to have each reference with a number.

We output the data to Word files and the Word files have a number for each reference but Endnote does not display the reference number.

Many thanks.

It is not clear whether you mean chronological in terms of when the reference is added to the library (which can be viewed by going to Edit -> Preferences -> Display Fields and choosing “Record number” for one of the fields) or chronological in terms of where the reference is cited within a Word document.

I think you mean the second, in which case I cannot offer any help, but in case it was the first I thought I would post!

Yes,  I too wasn’t sure what you meant. Like tms, I use the unique record numbers assigned by Endnote, which are are “chronological” albeit they skip numbers, if you delete records after importing  – I always show my record numbers and like to use them to “sort” too.  Other options are the field which keeps “date added to library” and “last updated”. 

Otherwise, you can alwasy sort on year for that “chronological” parameter.  - or if you download from a database that includes things like ePub date or the date it was added to the main database you are downloading it from, you could import that info when downloading and sort on the field you capture it in. 

re-reading your original post.  You can include Endnote’s record number in a bibliography, if that is what you mean? 

Many thanks for your replies.

I meant just a numerical number and not the record number. I have used the record number, but as it is not in sequential orrder, it is no use.

Say I have, 375 references in the library, then I want to label each reference with a number in a sequence.

So reference 1 displays #1. reference 2 displays #2 on the user interface and the last reference will display #375

I can number each reference in the Word file but there is no way to add a field for a numerical number on the interface unless the API is changed.