EndNote X1-custom field for grant number won't display data

I work in a medical library.  I am trying to figure out how to help a patron enter grant numbers into her EN library records and have them display.  We are mostly using Import.  We do a PubMed search, change display to MEDLINE format, save as text file, open EN library, and import them from the text files.

The MEDLINE format of the citation has the Grant Number and the field tag is GR.  Her library was only displaying record #, author, journal, article title, and URL.  I want to add a Grant Number column.  I went to Preferences, and then to Display Fields.  “Grant Number” is not an option on the pull-down menu.  I thought, “I’m so smart!  We can make a custom field!”  I changed Column 7 to “custom 1” and typed “Grant Number” for the heading.

Nothing displays except the heading I created.  How do I get the library to pull that number out of the data that was imported and display it in the correct column?  Please help!  I was put in charge of training for a product I barely know and I have figured out most everything on my own up til now but I need someone’s expertise now.

Thank you in advance! 

In charge! Ok. :slight_smile:

There’s a couple of things you need to figure out. 

  1. you have to add the GR field to your filter that you’re using so that EN grabs the data from that field and maps it to the custom field you’ve chosen. This isn’t all that difficult to do. I would suggest a couple of things here: a) save the new filter using “save as” so that if you mess up the filter you can start with a fresh one, and b) use the help file and look at the pdf manual. If you type filter in the help file and look at the bottom you will see all of the topics associated with it, but I would read the chapter in the manual on the issue. It’s not difficult stuff.

  2. Once you have the EN filter moving the data to the custom field you have chosen then you’re still not going to see it unless you either pick the style “All fields” or you edit a style you like to include this field somewhere. The easiest thing to do is to get it to add the data to the end of the entry, which is easily accomplished by editing that style. Go to edit > output styles > pick the style > under the bibliography tab find the layout section. There you can easily add your custom field to the end of your bibliographic entry. Fancier additions of this info require you to edit a style. BTW, I would again save the style as a new name so that you will be able to switch between this style and the old version of it easily, and in case you mess it up. 

Thanks for the advice.   I will give it a try!

Hi again!

So, the filter I was using DOES pull the data from the “GR” field into the citation.  It comes through in the “Notes” field.  The patron needs to be able to sort her citations by this number (to make sure their authors are acknowledging their grants in their articles).  So I realized we can just click in the Quick Search box, enter the grant number, and it pulls up the info!  

Also, changing to Show All Fields seemed to make it appear, or maybe I just did not see it before.  Either way, I found the solution I needed, so thank you!  I still have a lot to learn, but it’s situations like this that force me to gain new skills.



re: filter I…pull the data from the “GR” field into the citation. It comes through in the “Notes” field.

The next thing you need to do is change your import filter to import the GR field into your custom 1 field. EDIT > IMPORT FILTER > (Pubmed import filter). As philosopherdog advised immediately SAVE AS “Pubmed (modified)” in case you want to revert to the original. In the EDIT window, click on TEMPLATE. Look for the GR Pubmed field label and change the Endnote destination field to Custom 1 (or whatever you called it). Now you should be ableto see your grant field in the Endnote library display window.


Glad you solved it. The reason the field shows in Show All Fields and not in the other styles is that you have to add the field to the other styles if you want to use them with that new field. The simplest way to do this is just to add it to the end of every entry. I don’t have the program here but I think if you edit the style you want to use there’s a place to enter various fields you want to preceed or follow all bibliographic entries of that style. So, if you want numbers, or keyword field, or whatever to preceed or follow every bibliographic entry this is how you would do it rather than editing each style type (i.e. Journal, Book, etc), which is a lot more work. Showing all fields can sometimes give you results that aren’t helpful.