Dissaperaring chapters when trying to reference in sections

Hi everyone,

I wonder if anyonce can kindly help.

I have a word document, with 6 chapters, split by section breaks - I also have an index, created using the word indexing tool. I’m trying to now trying to reference each points in each section to have an index for each section.

In trying to do this (using a style that allows sections  OR an edited style with the sctions box ticked), I am coming up with 2 errors, either:

  1. A reference gets put at the end of the first chapter and all other chapters get deleted

  2. I can put a reference in, but  in trying to add references to other sections, I get the error “please move the insert point out of any other field”

Can nayone advise me on what I can do to solve this predicament.

Thank you

Are you trying to index items  inside of endnote inserted references? I don’t think you can.   

Are you sure you are generating your index out side of the endnote bibliography?  

Are you trying to make an index for each chapter or one index at the end, I am not sure how those settings work, as I have only generated one index for a whole document in its own section, at the very end?  

I did a quick google and if you want more than one idex, this might help?  http://www.techrepublic.com/article/generate-multiple-indexes-in-the-same-word-document/