Does having a reference in more than one 'Group' class as a 'Duplicate'?


I am a new PhD student and new to EndNote!

I have some probably basic questions, I have read in my library’s guide to Endnote that you should check for duplicates on a regular basis, as having duplicate references in the library can cause problems later on. HOWEVER, I would like to create a number of groups within the library to organise my referenes, and my supervisor said that I will likely have any given reference showing in a number of groups, so does this mean that would class as a duplicate?! He uses EndNote himself so I’m not sure why he would suggest doing this if it was going to be an issue.

Can anyone help advise me please?? I feel like I can’t get started till I know what to do!

Thanks so much,


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Not a duplicate.  – one record can belong to multiple groups.  

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