double commas, author name

I have this as my author in the record:

[Hédelin, François (l’abbé d’Aubignac)]

My format calls for abbreviation of author first name.

The closest I can get is this way:

[Hédelin, François, (l’abbé d’Aubignac)]

which yields this in the bibliography:

[Hédelin, F., (l’abbé d’Aubignac)] 

I cannot find a way to eliminate the second comma except by changing record to:

[Hédelin, François, abbé d’Aubignac]

viz. no parens


[Hédelin, F., abbé d’Aubignac]

The footnote comes out like this either way:

[Hédelin (1715)

(no closing bracket; odd, since the bracket is part of the author name)

but see this as to an explanation why (“clean up” function of EN):

What I want is this:

[Hédelin] (1715)

Admittedly a one-off situation, though I can imagine further such exceptions. Is there any way to solve it? thx

It may be that the only way to fix the note formatting is to exclude author and year by showing only in bib., and manually enter the information needed.

The simplest way to deal with this reference might be to wait until the document is finished then go back and make the corrections to the document once you have removed the field codes from the document.