Dropped punctuation in multiple citations

The closing quotation mark is being dropped from footnotes when short-form references (i.e., a reference cited after the first full citation) appear in multiple citations. The problem does not occur when the citation includes page numbers. Here is an example using Chicago 15th A output style, with comma as the multiple citation separator:

Herrmann, Tetlock, and Visser, "Mass Decisions for War, Bruce Jentleson, “The Pretty Prudent Public: Post-Vietnam American Opinion on the Use of Force,” International Studies Quarterly 36, no. 1 (1992), Jentleson and Britton, "Still Pretty Prudent, Page and Shapiro, Rational Public.

There should be a close quote (") after “War” in the first line and “Prudent” in the third line. Here is the template for Journal Article - Short form:

Author, “Title,” |: Cited Pages|.

I am using Endnote X6.0.2 and MS Word for Mac 2011.

Help! What am I doing wrong. Thanks!