Duplicate Records

When I import from different files, I create a custom group so that our authors can see how each reference was pulled in.

On that note, when I do ‘Find Duplicates’, is there a way I can tell where those duplicates are getting pulled from?  When I’m doing the import, I’m discarding duplicates but somehow (after I’ve created the library) duplicates are being created.  I’m not sure how or why but I don’t want to delete the duplicates without knowing which group they are being pulled from (‘Find Duplicates’ only lists one sighting of the reference, not all occurrences).

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Take a look at this thread:


Follow JasonR (@ Thomson) comment on how to show duplicates next each other. 

Then, right click the duplicated reference, and see “Record summary” to find out which custom group it belongs to.

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That definitely helps.  Took me awhile to realize too that if you cut a reference out of a custom group and paste it into another, it creates a duplicate reference.  Only way I found around this was to drag and drop and then delete the one in the group you no longer need.

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