Duplicated Reference

I am editing my thesis after importing a series of chapters into one big Master Document and now I don’t know how to merge the traveling library so as for the duplicated citations stop appearing as different citations (e.g… Zubiri, 1999a; Zubiri, 1999b; Zubiri, 1999c).

Please note the different entry for the translator in the bibliography.

Zubiri, X. (1999a). Sentient Intelligence (T. B. Fowler, Trans.). Washington, D. C.: The Xavier Zubiri Foundation of North America.

Zubiri, X. (1999b). Sentient intelligence (S. D. Thomas B. Fowler, Trans.). Washington, DC: Xavier Zubiri Foundation of North America.

Mac OS 10.6.8

Word 14.3.2 (130206)

EndNote  X4.0.2

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It isn’t going to merge them, if they aren’t identical.  Why are there two different versions of the translater?  Which on is correct?  I would find the citations, and delete the wrong version, and reinsert the correct version.  – Or you can correct it in the originating library  and reconnect and update the record and the duplication should be resolved. 

Precisely that is my question, I can only find one record for that entry in my library, yet when I insert it as reference they appear as Zubiri, 1999a and Zubiri, 1999b.

If you unformat all the citations and reformat – the one that is in the travelling library and not in your library will be flagged for you to select the correct version. If there are other citations only cited in the travelling library though, they will also not match on reformating (so do this on a copy, if you are not sure).  In that case, I suggest you search for the version in the formated document (1996a or 1996b) that is linked to the wrong bibliographic version and edit citation - and delete the one there and insert the correct one.  

Thank you, I hope that your suggestions helps. Now, how can I unformat and reformat the citations?

In Mac, there is a toolbar in Word, with the option to unformat citations (DO NOT remove fields, or convert to plain text, and do this on a copy). You need to select all (or search for and select the offending citations) and run that tool.  then run the  “format bibliography” and perhaps check the third tab and select “enable” so that CWYW is fully on again. I don’t have a mac, or I would try to attach a screen shot for you.  sorry.  

Ok. I will try it and get back to you.

Thank you.