Duplicating references in bibliography

Has anyone experienced Endnote X2 duplicating entire bibliographies using CWYW? For example it beautifully alphabetizes my 4 references in the bibliography, but then the same four appear again under that, and then another four appear under that.  It looks like every time I enter a new reference, it’s duplicating the entire bibliography.  Any suggestions?



CRITICAL EDIT!  I had said Ctrl-Alt-F9 and meant Alt-F9 below!!! 

Haven’t seen this, but I would first unformat the citations (unformat NOT REMOVE).  Remove any vestiges of the bibliographies.  Turn on show field codes to be sure they are all gone (Alt- F9).  Turn off show field codes again.  Save it all to a new file.  Now Format bibliography (turning CWYW back on again from the third tab in that menu interface, while you are at it). 

Now try inserting a new reference and see if the behavior has been fixed.   

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That worked! The only thing I’ve messed up is that new cites are coming in as temporary, but it’s probably just a setting I hit. 

Thank you – Annette

Yes, that is why I said you would need to turn CWYW back on, after unformating.  it turns off the CWYW and you have to turn it back on manually for that manuscript.