Edit citations


I am using endnote for my phd in german law. I need every citation to end with a period. For journal articles I am using this style: 

Author Abbreviation, Journal Abbreviation, Year, Start Page| , (Cited Pages)|.

In the text, it looks like this (for example): 

De Hoon, UJIEL, 2017, 90, (92).

Now, I needed to clarify something about this citation and added a suffix to it via “edit citation”. But then it looks like this: 

De Hoon, UJIEL, 2017, 90, (92).mit Hinweis auf die sog. Operation Pawn Storm, siehe www…, zuletzt aufgerufen am 26.09.2017

I need the period to appear at the very end of the citation and not behind the (92). Does anyone know, if and how I have to change the style in order to get that result? 

Thank you very much for your support.