Edit field code to format in-line citation color

Dear all, we use a software called OnStyle (DACHS Solutions) to automatically format the output style of tables, mainly to add blue color to the in-line citation. I would like to do the same for EndNote, but I am totally in strange water here. My questions are:

  • With this information, from the field codes used for the Table cross-reference, is it possible to use the same for EndNote?

  • In general terms, how can I make the EndNote in-line citation appear blue?

Thank you from your kind support.


  • Why is the “Edit Field…” option for the EndNote in-line citation greyed out?

I believe it is grey, because Endnote will overwrite whatever you could have done with that option. You can’t manually edit an endnote field as endnote will just overwrite it when it updates the field. so I believe the answer is no, you can’t use this approach to update the citations color. But I am not entirely sure about formatting applied manually. I used to hide citations that I wanted to appear in the bibliography and be numbered based on the final position of a figure and legend citing the record, for example (otherwise they are numbered “out of order” due to word’s handling of text in frames). they stayed hidden even when we updated the citations and bibliography.