Problem: Endnote does not automatically change field codes into properlly formatted in-text citations

Whenever I create a new document on my office PC (Word 2010 and Endnote X5), endnote works great.

If I open one of those documents at home (an older version of office and Endnote X), it usually generates some sort or error. 

When I reopen that document in my office, endnote no longer automatically updates my citations. It inserts the field codes, and I have to click on the update citation button every time. Is this a setting in the document? How can I fix this.  Super irritating. 

Since Office developers have an irritating habit of changing the way it handles field information, it really is dangerous to jump back and forth between old and newer versions of Word with Endnote formatted  documents.  I usually find that I can open an older document in new software, but going backward to an older version of Word can cause problems.  I always unformat to the curly bracketed form ({Author, Year #RecNo – which aren’t field codes) when I know that I am going to have to jump versions, whether to a Mac or an older version of Word. 

Turning on or enabling the document to auto format the curly bracketed to formatted refs, is thru the format Bibliography dialog (in the Word Endnote toolbar, third tab). In most versions of Endnote, if you do “unformat” the citations to the curly bracketed form, it turns it off and stays off until you turn it on again.  Otherwise, unformatting them wouldn’t “stick”.

Field codes are long and give you some idea of why corruption can so easily happen.  To see Field codes - type Alt+F9. 

If that is what you are seeing, then Alt+F9 will go back to the formated citations.