edit outputstyle

hallo! as my installation of endnote crashed I had to reinstall it. Now I’d like do make some modifications on the author-year output style. but I can’t save the changes?! If I close the outputstyle window endnote asks me if I’d like to save to the changes. yet if I click “yes” nothing happens…

I’m a bit confused…

I use a trial version of endnoteX and windows vista and office 2007…


Vista will try to protect files in the Program Files folder, which can cause this to happen.  You will need to copy your Styles folder to a different location and configure EndNote to use that location:

  1. Close EndNote if it is running

  2. Go to the folder “C:\Program Files\EndNote #”, where # is the version of EndNote you have

  3. Single click on the “Styles” folder to highlight it and press CTRL+C

  4. Go to your Documents folder and press CTRL+V to paste the folder

  5. After the copy dialog finishes, start EndNote

  6. Go to “Edit > Preferences” and click on “Folder Locations”

  7. Click on the “Select Folder” button in the Styles section

  8. Select the Styles folder in your Documents folder and click “OK”

  9. Restart EndNote and you should be able to save the changes to the styles

Thanks, now it works fine. The only thing, Word crashes as soon as I update my bibliography… do you have any idey why? kind regards