edit reference type in edit output style X2

I am using a modified version of Oxfrd Author-Tile output style. I created a reference styel for Treaty/Convention, using the Generic reference template. But it comes out as if it is a section of an edited book, with references to being ‘in’ something and ‘eds’ etc. While in Edit output Style I discovered I could add this ref type to the bibliography and footnote templates, which i did. I copied in the feilds from the Generic template and then cut out the ‘in’ and ‘eds’ etc. But now the output just repeats the title three times so I have obviously messed up the syntax. So I then replaced it with the copied generic template fields, but it still comes out garbled. So then I tried to remove this new template I had put in but that seems to be impossible. Now i have a mess.Can anyone help? (a) to at least restore what I had before and (b) point me to soemthing that explains the field codes so i can edit it correctly?

Prior to my meddling it came out in the bibliography as:

‘Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and Relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts (Protocol I)’, in 1977 (ed.), The Diplomatic Conference on the Reaffirmation and Development of International Humanitarian Law applicable in Armed Conflicts (Entered into force 7 December 1978).

I don’t want the bits where it says ‘in’ 1977 or '(ed) and that’s all I really want to change

Endnote output treaty.txt (630 Bytes)

It would be easier to trouble shoot if you attached the actual modified style file rather than the isolated text, as I don’t think the “link adjacent” symbols are copied over in this format.  I suspect that is what is missing.   The ^ symbol is used between two optional choices (ie, ed or eds depending on whether you have one or more than one editors), so they need to go. But I don’t see where you have any residual (ed).  Are you sure you are using your edited version, and that the record is associated with the correct reference type?  

Author, ‘Title’,  Secondary Author, Secondary Title (|Edition edn.|, Tertiary Title|, Volume|; Place Published|: Publisher|, Year|)|, Pages|. 

You should first edit a custom reference type (from the edit preferences) to use the actual names of your ref type.  Then these more informative names will also be reflected in the associated template you create in the style itself.  There are webinars that can provide you more hands on information on customizing a ref type and associated template in a style, or consult the PDF manual that is installed with the program. 

thanks I will try that

BTW I had already created the reference type for Treaty/Convention using preferences, I just didn’t know how to edit the template in the Output Style. As you sggested I went to the full use rmanual (this is not in the getting started guide). I found the details I needed in Chapter 16 Bibliographic Styles, pp 448-454. It turned out to be easier to enter the new fields into my new template from the ‘enter fields’ button rather than trying to base it on the generic reference type. I was also able to change the order in which the fields appeared in the bibliography and footnote templates.

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