Editing Bibliograph


I want to make two changes to my auto-generated References.

First, I want to remove the centered title “References”.

Second, I want it double spaced.

I tried reading the X7 formatting guide and found it very confusing.  I am an able-bodied user, so just point me in the right direction.  Can you tell me if and where I can make these modifications?

Which version of Endnote?  Online or desktop?  I don’t know for Online (actually I just checked and the same options are there too), but from the Endnote ribbon in Word, Open the format bibliography window and on the layout tab, remove any text from the “Bibliography title” box.  

the same layout tab has settings for single vs double spacing.  

See attached for where you open this “dialog box”.  

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I have Endnote X7.  Thank you for the pic, I was naively looking for a formal button.