Problem with citations in text

Hi all,

I have two questions regarding EndNote Web, one of which I feel should be very easy to rectify but I can’t figure it out…

Firstly, how do I make ‘et al’ italicised without having to manually change it every time?

Secondly, citations in the body of my text keep changing their format without me doing anything.  For example, if I want to write ‘Parker (2007) states that’ then I have been inputing the reference, and then deleting the brackets and the comma to make it look correct.  However, it keeps changing back to ‘(Parker, 2007) states that’.

Any suggestions hugely appreciated :slight_smile:


The output style is responsible for determining the appearance of both the in-text citations and bibliography. If there’s an EndNote Web administrator at your institution/organization, he or she will be able to adjust the output style.  Otherwise you will need to download the references to your computer and adjust the output style on your own to fit your needs (which requires having the EndNote program on your computer).

On another note, to change (Parker, 2007) so the author’s name appears outside of the parentheses is done by editing the citation. Deleting the parentheses is ineffective.  To edit the citation, if you’re using Windows, just place your cursor on the citation then right-click to bring up the sub-menu, select EDIT CITATIONS, EXCLUDE AUTHOR - which result in having just the year appearing as: (2007).  Then just manually type-in the author’s name to create: Parker (2007).  (EndNote X5 streamlines the process of removing the author and inserting the name before the year.)

Thanks, that’s great.  :slight_smile: