Option to exclude original publication date in in-text citations

There is currently no option to exclude the original publication date together with the publication date in in-text citations.

When excluding the date of publication in in-text references, the original publication date still shows up (e.g.  (1937/, p. 52) instead of (p.52)).

This needs to be adressed in future versions of Endnote, as varios citation styles such as APA do require the original publication date.


Reference in the bibliography looks like this: Hirschman, A. O. ( 1980 ). National Power and the Structure of Foreign Trade. Berkeley: University of California Press. (Original work published 1945 )

This reference contains two dates.

This reference in in-text citations format looks like this: (Hirschman, 1945/1980, p. 3). This is ok.

However, when excluding the date, Endnote only excludes the first date (1980), but not the second date (1945). It ends up looking like this (Hirschman, 1945/, pp. 3-4) [exclude author and year] or this (1945/, pp. 3-4) [exclude author and year].

This issue was already raised in 2017!

For more infromation see here: 


(Adding the original publication date in the publication date field directly does work for in-text references, however, it screws up the bibliography. So this is not an option.)