Cite copy for other programs such as InDesign


this week I bought Endnote X5. I use it for my academic research and my Master Thesis starting now in December. Because I am not happy with word, I will write my thesis in Adobe InDesign. So I have to use different citation styles for bibliography and footnotes. I defined a new Output Style regarding to my needs. 

This was very easy and no problem at all. But now I get a problem:

I would like to copy the citation from Endnote X5 but when I use right click on a entry and chose Copy Formatted always the bibliography style is copied. Is there any way to chose which style should be copied - Bibliography or footnotes?

Thank for your help!


Sounds like you will need two styles, one for bibliography and one for footnotes.  There is no way to copy formated anything other than the bibliography to my knowledge.  Can’t copy the formated citation either. 

For the Bibliography, why not just export the refs as RTF to a document and paste them into your InDesign document.  You can drag the ones that you use into a group then export the group when you are ready? (I am assuming you are simply using a Author, year style and an alpha sorted bibliography at the end of the day).  Then I assume you would only need to have the other style ready and waiting in Endnote for adding the footnote styled refs during the writing?

Before you embark on using a desktop publishing program such as Adobe InDesign you should first check to confirm that the program will be able to fulfill whatever style or formatting dictated by your discipline’s style and institutional style requirements (or file submissions) governing your theses.

Also note that a disadvantage of using InDesign instead of MS Word is that if any citations and bibliographic references need to be changed at any point, you will need to generate and copy the corrected citation/bibliography in EndNote then copy and paste into the InDesign document. In contrast, when working with MS Word and EndNote, changes can be updated automatically throughout the document.