EMBASE on OVID SP to ENDNOTE X3 Missing 'Journal'


I have tried several times to export from EMBASE on OVID SP to Endnote X3.  I am using Windows XP. 

If I select ‘ENDNOTE’ from the export menu in OVID SP (I also select Full record)

and then open the file that downloads using ENDNOTE X3

The records all come in - but without a Journal.

Does anyone know a good  combination for Export from  EMBASE on OVID SP and IMPORT to ENDNOTE X3? 


Are you using the current Embase filter (which is dated 9/14/2011)? If not, try downloading and installing the current filter.


Thank you 

I did this and it appears to have worked - I found a filter for EMBASE on OVID. 

Thanks again