EN X4 and LibreOffice Versions

TRENSOFTY is living in Germany and uses operating systems and softwares with GERMAN SETTINGS. For this purpose I downloaded ONLY the German beta versions of LibreOffice3.3.

In order to test the stability of L.O.3.3, I used the CWYW -Crash-Tes t  as follows:

  • Download the German RC2 Version of L.O. 

  • After installation, click Help/Info. LibreOffice    000330m18 (Build 4)    tag libreoffice -   must be appear.

  • Insert the ENX4 extension as previous described.

  • Start the L.O. and go to the ENX4 extension /Choose the CWYW Preferences/ Activate  Open EN when starting - OpenOffice Writer and Close EN when closing OpenOffice Writer.

(Don´t be worry about OpenOffice! Thomson Reuters uses the O.O word for this extension)

  • Close L.O. and restart again. EN icon appears immediatly. Write  3 sentences in L.O. Writer.

  • Start EN X4 and  select 19 references in your library. Go to the extension in L.O., click and choose Insert the selected citations. The selected citations appear in L.O.

- The transfer occurs problemless  from ENX4 to L.O too.

  • Select another 12 citations (Must be different)  and insert them as described. The 12 references are problemless and without CRASH inserted.


With the first  beta and the L.O. version 000330m17 Build 3 , L.O  crashed after insertion of 19 citations. This bug was fixed with the build 4.