how to make endnote distinguish different usage of parentheses?

Hello, in my paper, I have several figures and charts that I need to use something like “(Figure 1)” and mathematical formula. However, my citation format also uses parentheses. So, when I insert a new citation, endnote treats “Figure 1” and my formula in the parentheses as a citation.

What is annoying is that whenever I insert a new citation, a window pops out saying it cannot find citations for “Figure 1” or my formula and asks me to ignore. After I click the ignore button, the page jumps to the where the “Figure 1” is and I have to scroll back to where I was working on.

Please help me. How to tell endnote that one is a citation and another is not, or how to use other symbols to tell endnote to do it but is still displayed as parentheses?

Thank you.

It sound like you may have changed the default temporary citation delimiters to regular parentheses rather than the curly brackets.  On a document by document, you can change it to { and } in the format bibliography dialog box.  You may have changed it in the Endnote preferences though, an changing it there back to curly brackets should change them all.  (in EN, edit>preference> temporary citations.

Thank you so much for your help! It worked.