End note causes word to crash

Please I’ve a very annoying problem with endnoteX8,I installed it and I had word 2010.it didn’t appear at first in the word document then I added it as add-ins it worked a little then it crashes

Then endnote keeps crashing word every time i tried to make it an add-in in the word document, i even updated my microsoft officee from 2010 to that of 2016 and still this happens,i hope u could help me and find a solution to this problem

I would suggest contacting the EndNote technical support team:


I’ve had this problem for years, and I think I’ve finally fixed it.

It turns out I had a Styles folder in My Documents containing duplicates of every Style file in Program Files. I  deleted all the duplicate Style files  in the My Documents folder (thousands of them) and Endnote and Word now seem to be behaving.

I suggest looking for another Style folder on your system and making sure there are no duplicates. The same might go for Filters and Connections, although I didn’t have any of those in My Documents.

This may not be the cause for everyone, but I hope it helps someone.