endnote in microsoft word 2016 for windows keep crashing

hi. is there any solution because my endnote plugin version x8 keep crashing everytime i want to insert my citation? im using word 2016 for windows. thanks

This is also happening to me when trying to work on a colleague’s paper, to which I don’t have access to the library.  

I am having the same problem, and not finding an answer.

Please give us some infos about your operating system (O.S.)  e.g. Windows 8.xxHome or Pro or Windows 10 home or Pro. What a kind of a machine e.g. 32 Bit or 64 Bit are you using?

When you write" insert citation" ,  you mean “selected citation” probably!

With MS Word 2016 , you won ´t get new features and updates to major releases are not included in this version.

I am using MS Office 365 with new updates and this problem doesn´t occur with my EN X8 version (new updated).


I’ve had this problem for years, and I think I’ve finally fixed it.

It turns out I had a Styles folder in My Documents containing duplicates of every Style file in Program Files. I deleted all the duplicate Style files in the My Documents folder (thousands of them) and Endnote and Word now seem to be behaving.

I suggest looking for another Style folder on your system and making sure there are no duplicates. The same might go for Filters and Connections, although I didn’t have any of those in My Documents.

This may not be the cause for everyone, but I hope it helps someone.