Uninvited appearance of record number in citation


I just switched to using endnote X2. For some reason my intext citations now look like [1#13] instead of [1], with the #13 being the record number. I assume this has something to do with the output style, but there is says; Citations -> templates -> [Bibliography Number]. no mention of the record number (and the # is included, whereas normally, it is not).

Also switching to another output style yields for instace (name year#13), again, no record number in the template.

Has anyone run across this and does anyone know the solution.


If you unformat the references, do they look normal?  {Author, YEAR #RecNo}? 

Are the preferences (edit>preferences, Temporary Preferences set up in an unusual way? 

Can you attach the styles?  but if they both do it, it is hard to explain as a style anomaly. 

Indeed, in the temprary references, the record number indicator was set to ## istead of #. formatting and unformatting just incremented the problem, but setting the indicator to # solved the problem.