End Note references not highlighted in text on Mac

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I have EndNote X7 inetalled on two of my MacBooks (Yosemite) and I have same version of Office Mac 2011 on both machines. 

When you add references in text and selecet a protion of text, the added references should look a little different that Word text (ie its highlighted as dark grey). This is fine with one of my computers but in another when, when I hightlight the text, the refernces dont look any different. It is an issue because if I am adding references later, I cannot distinguish betwenne which one is tge added ref and which one is plain text !!!

I have uninstalled and installed Word and EndNote in both machines but its still not working in one. Could you advise what could be the problem?



Greetings Ranveer,

It sounds like the Microsoft Word feature called Field Shading isn’t enabled on both of your workstations.  To verify this, in Word, click “Word>Preferences”.  On the resulting Preferences window, choose “View”.  When the View tab appears, make sure the “Field shading” drop-down menu is either set to “Always” or “When selected”.  After confirming that your Field shading setting is set to either Always or When selected, click “OK”.

Please let me know if this helps.

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