Troubleshooting inconsistent reference highlighting (Endnote X8.1, Word for Mac)

My Endnote references are highlighted in some sections of my word document but not in other sections.

I have turned on shading in Word (Preferences>View>Field Shding “always”)

Any thoughts?


Microsoft Word v15.39

Endnote X8.1

That would suggest that Word is not recognizing some of them as fields?  The shading is Word and not Endnote defined.  

Are they still endnote fields or plain text?  What happens if you “convert to unformated citations”? 

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Converting to unformatted shows the endnotes as citations with {}.

I believe this is happening for all Endnote references that are in bullet point sections…

I can’t replicate it in X8, word for windows.  Perhaps someone with word on a mac can explore?  

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