Issue with Field Shading for Author Year formatted references in X7.2 on OSX

I’m seeing an intermittent issue with field shading in Endnote X7.2 on OSX.

Specifically, in some documents, Endnote citations formatted in author-year format are not showing field code shading. When they are in the default format (e.g., (Smith, 2001) they are shaded, but when I convert them to author-year format (eg.,  “Smith (2001)”) they lose their field code shading.

Specifically, when I right click a reference and then click “edit citations” and then “display author (year)”, Endnote updates the citations, and briefly highlights (perhaps half a second) the author-year formatted citation with shading. And then the shading disappears.

I did not have this issue with Endnote X6. Note that I am aware about the options in Word to always show field code shading and this is on. This is frustrating because it is important to know whether text is a proper Endnote citation as opposed to just plain text.

Interestingly, moments after posting this, it seems that if you disable “link in-text citations to references in bibliography” under “tools - endnote - configure bibliography”, the field shading returns for author-year citations.

I wonder whether the hyperlink field code was somehow hiding the endnote field code.