Endnote 20 - Exporting traveling library leaves me with multiple redundant entries in online library

Hi there,

I just started using Endnote 20. Now when I export traveling library, every single citation is added to my Endnote online library (i.e. when I cited a particular 5 times in the document I will find now 5 entries in the library). Needless to say that cleaning this up takes unnecessary time. Isn’t there a way that endnote only picks every source once, notwithstanding how often I cited the particular source in a document?

I am sure that I am doing something wrong, this cannot be the way that this feature is intended to work. 

Thanks and all the best!

Why exactly are you exporting it? the only time you would export a traveling library is if you received a paper from someone else with a differently library, and wanted any citations that differed.  Then I would close your library and open a “temporary” library, export them into that, then you import that library into your main library with discard duplicates on.  

Please remove your duplicate post.  

I thought that importing the traveling library is the way to ‘get’ sources from a manuscript into endnote. 

But maybe I can rephrase my question then: I got a manuscript with endnote sources. How do I ‘import’ all these references into my endnote library (without duplicates)? 

From Word, you first export the traveling library to a blank new library, then you go to endnote and open your current library and file>import endnote library, select the library you copied the traveling library to ( it will end in .enl) with discard duplicates  (or import duplicates to a new library, if you want to make sure to keep them, to compare them).